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We intervene in 3 steps.

And you actively take part in our work.



We need to pinpoint the real problem that needs solving.


The business model assessment is a crucial step and makes it possible to pinpoint intervention areas. Because we consider the organization as a whole rather than by department, our findings are often unforeseen.

A drop in sales generally requires more than just an increase in the marketing budget. High employee turnover is often due to factors other than bad compensation.


It is essential to broadly study best practices in order to validate intuitions.


This is the part where our curiosity serves you. We will explore inspiring ways which could improve your organization’s practices and then recommend actions to implement solutions that are desirable, viable and feasible.

Researchers advance collective knowledge, artists are always in search of perfection and beauty, activists want to change the world and university models help validate intuitions. We must let ourselves be inspired.


An action plan is imperative for new ideas to be implemented.


On top of our expertise, we collaborate with specialists that can intervene to ensure our recommendations and action plan are well executed; and this in areas including management, as in finance, human resources and in marketing.

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Business analysis

Business Plan

Strategic Planning

Interim Management

Execution strategy

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Financial Modelling

Performance Measure

Market Development


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Employer brand


Change Management


Organizational Development

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Execution Plan

Communications strategy