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Who we are

The diversity of our team, which hails from marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, HR and IT backgrounds, is an asset for our clients in their evolution. 


Shania Bogdan

Managing director & founder


The year 2015 marked a turning point in her career. It was after completing her MBA at HEC Montréal that she became aware of the huge discrepancy that remains between the practices of innovation businesses (often strongly focused on technology) and the reality of most Canadian businesses. Although they continue to be successful, they are ill-equipped to respond to the warning signs calling for urgent innovation.

 And so she decided to support businesses that want to transform, but feel intimidated in this era of major strategic and operational changes.

 With the Adjuvant project, she hopes to make the link between creativity and business. A deeply empathetic individual inspired by “design thinking,” she can simultaneously put herself in the shoes of a CFO, an executive, an employee or a client, and she strives to make each of their voices heard in the insights she offers.

Shania, who describes herself as an intuitive, creative person with an integrated understanding of business, knows that with an integrated view, a touch of curiosity and a dash of humility, big ideas can be born.

 After obtaining a BA in Communications from Concordia, she cut her teeth in the ad world as an account executive and project manager. Shania quickly learned the importance of expressing her ideas clearly and making the narrative more appealing. It was after her move to HR, as an advisor to the management and recruiter at Sid Lee, that she came to understand how important it is for a company to align its everyday business practices and its strategic goals. Under the visionary leadership of Jean-François Bouchard (founder of Sid Lee and C2 Montréal), she learned to question the status quo. She can proudly say that she laid a few of the foundation stones for what has become Sid Lee, both in Montréal and internationally.

Our collaborators

Adjuvant is a collective that keeps transforming itself according to its different mandates. Curiosity, ambition and passion, our values transpire through our collaborators and their expertise.