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Adjuvant - Business & Creativity Consulting

We help managers who want to change their organization and break the status quo by providing the tools to link business and creativity.

We all need an Adjuvant 

We are a collective of consultants integrating the hands on approach of marketing agencies.

“Lack of courage in business contributing to Canada’s sluggish economy.”
— Deloitte

Our expertise

Adjuvant helps organizations who want to put innovation and creativity in their everyday activities. With our integrated diagnostic process, we will identify actionable ideas that will create durable value.

Managing and inspiring creativity

With one of our programs «The New Leaders», we offer the tools for managers to become better leaders, capable of inspiring creativity and innovation on a day to day basis.

Nurturing curiosity

The only way to strive in these times of profound transformation is to never stop learning. We offer various workshops in order to feed curiosity and put your teams up to speed about what’s going on in the world.

Implementing transformations

Beyond the diagnoses and recommendations, we help our clients activate their transformation.  We’re not interested in creating yet another report, that’s going to end up on a shelf gathering dust..


Epistemological modesty + curiosity

Epistemological modesty is accepting that we know and will know very little. When we accept this limitation, it becomes second nature to be more and more curious.

Despite all the pragmatic documentation and quantitative data that support our actions, we should also learn to follow our intuition to go beyond the traditional framework.  By embarking on this path with our clients, we open the door to innovative ideas.